Boston 2002

Boston harbour, the seafront had a nice (unweathered) boardwalk that led around the edge of the dock.

Boston is blessed with being able to offer whalewatching tours of an afternoon for $30, with pretty much guaranteed sightings.

The boats head out of the harbour and up the coast. Cape Cod lies to the south and Cape Ann to the north and in between these two land masses lies the feature known as Stellwagen's Bank. This is an underwater ridge and a cetacean feeding ground.

First up was a Fin whale which surfaced several times off to starboard then disappeared. Then came the Humpback whales!

It was a full boat and it was difficult to get any decent shots with a little instamatic camera.

The feeding whales often surfaced briefly close to the boat.

The whales rarely stayed at the surface long, but often resurfaced nearby before displaying the flukes as they dived again.

Several operators run boats to the area.

Boston airport is right on the edge of the harbour...

... as we returned aircraft descended to land above us.

Boston Airport

Little Blue Penguins in Boston Aquarium.