New York 2002

On the ferry to Staten Island passing Ellis Island,...

...& the Statue Of Liberty.

Brooklyn Bridge.

Looking back from Staten Island to New Jersey and New York.

An attempt at a shot upwards at the Empire State.

Bronx Zoo had several special wildlife zones.
This is rainforest zone.

This leopards enclosure is designed to allow him to sit comfortably on the big log and be very visible.

The building was split into rooms, being pumped with steam.
Each room had a number of different plants and animals, not always visible, but effective.

These are Malayan Tapirs, one of my favourite zoo models when I was kid.
They are highly elusive in the wild.

The Congo section had Gorillas!

The area was designed with fake rock walls and tracking signs which was effective, but this gorilla viewing area stole the show.

Some were feeding and watching the yougsters play...

... others just sat back out of the way.